Various Other Cyber Tools

Various Other Useful Cyber Tools

McAfee Free Tools. McAfee provides an assortment of free McAfee tools to help protect against various forms of malware (e.g., monitors suspicious activity, removes rootkits, detects viruses), unauthorized intrusions, and spam, along with a series of free digital forensics tools.
Forensic Control. Forensic Control is a London-based computer forensics company that provides access to free computer forensics tools, in addition to offering professional computer forensic analysis services.
FireEye (threat/malware)
BlueCoat (proxy)
Archer (eGRC)
PhishMe (phishing). Want to put your employees to the phishing test? This company offers services that simulate spear-phishing and malware scenarios to immerse your employees in and test the awareness and security of your company or organization.
ArcSight (event correlation tool)
Splunk (event correlation tool)
Metasploit (penetration testing)
IBM AppScan (application vulnerability scanning)
HP WebInspect (application vulnerability scanning)