Joint Electronic Crimes Task Force

Training Opportunities

JECTF examiners are available to provide agency personnel with training on a range of digital forensic topics, such as best practice procedures of seizing and collecting electronic evidence while on-scene. Dr. Dolliver and her team are also available to provide hands-on training on a range of cyber-related topics. For a list of current trainings offered, please visit here.

Mobile devices are often passcode protected and secured with data encryption, which is a global law enforcement concern. Encrypted devices make evidence recovery nearly impossible; therefore, the JECTF discuss methods and procedures related to password recovery and steps to take to preserve as much evidence on the mobile device as possible.

Other currently available training topics include:

  • Proper methods to seize computer devices to keep data on these devices protected;
  • Video file formats and how to download from the various video capturing devices that are most widely used today
  • Darknet (Tor Network) criminality and investigative practices

Future training topics will include best practices for vehicle forensics, network forensics (including malware), and other cybersecurity topics.

Trainings for your agency can be held at the JECTF in the Network Intrusion Lab’s (NIL) training space, or at the requesting agency’s department. If you are interested, please email or call (205) 347-0608.