Digital Forensics and Investigations

Cyber Institute

The University of Alabama’s Cyber Institute, approved by the U.A. Board of Trustees in April 2014, takes an interdisciplinary approach to building both undergraduate and graduate research and teaching programs focusing on the challenges presented by America’s increasing dependence on computers and cyber related technologies. Reginald D. Hyde was named executive direction of the Cyber Institute in September 2014.

The Cyber Institute collaborates with the colleges of Engineering, Commerce, and Arts & Sciences, among others, as well as fosters outreach and collaboration with other universities, government agencies, and private sector companies. On campus, the Cyber Institute is officially partnered with the Chief Information Officer and the Office of Information Technology.

The U.A. Cyber Institute is also a member of the Alabama Cyber Research Consortium (ALCRC). The ALCRC was founded in early 2013 and is the culmination of individual and collective commitments to research, advanced development, education, and outreach in all areas of cyber crime, prevention, and related forensic areas. ALCRC is an active group of scientists, engineers, and affiliates committed to creating solutions with practical impact on state, local, regional, and the national economy, and to help consumers, corporations, and the public sector solve real problems and avoid significant harm involving cybercrime and national security issues.