The Computer-Based Honors Program (CBHP) at The University of Alabama

The Computer-Based Honors Program (CBHP) at the University of Alabama is housed in the Honors College, and is a nationally recognized undergraduate research program which pairs academically elite students directly with leading research professors and cutting-edge computing technology to complete scholarly research projects in any field of study.
Under the direction of Dean Sharpe, the CBHP gives outstanding students majoring in any field the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors while applying computing technology to a research project in their major field of study. Whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, chemical engineer, marketing executive, or English professor, applying research skills and computing technology to your career field is essential for success.
In the past, the CBHP has paired outstanding students with Criminal Justice professors, one of whom worked with Dr. Dolliver on her funded Tor-related study during the Fall 2014 semester.